The Process of Calling a Foul / Misc.

The Process of "Calling" a Foul / Misc

  1. Recognize that a foul / misconduct was committed.  (Did a player fall?  Did a hand contact the ball?)
  1. Determine the nature of the foul / misconduct. (Push, trip, handball, obstruction, dangerous play, unsporting behavior, violent conduct, serious foul play)
  1. Determine the location of the foul. (Inside / outside the penalty area)
  1. Determine who committed the foul. (Attacker / defender, player jersey number)
  1. Determine the severity of the foul. (Careless, reckless, or violent)
  1. Indicate the direction of the restart.
  1. Determine the type of restart. (Direct / indirect, know the restarts, is a card involved?)
  1. Move into your position for the restart.
  1. Use correct arm signal.
  2. If necessary, blow the whistle!

Last updated 1.29.2022

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