Volunteers are the heart of every organization, and here at the Leavenworth Soccer Association it is no different.  Each year we have over 50 people who volunteer their time and energy to coach your children on rec, academy, and competitive teams.  On top of the coaches, we have a great group of board members who are passionate about youth soccer and dedicate their time each week to improve the club and make sure your kids have a safe and fun environment to play.  Even with the hard work from our coaches and board members, there is no way all of the work can be completed without the generosity of the time and effort of our parental volunteers.

Knowing that your time and energy helps kids stay active, enjoy time with their friends, and learn life skills they will carry with them forever, is extremely rewarding!  Volunteers and their children get a chance to connect with community and their bond unites them like family.  It’s a great way to develop new skills.  You can teach valuable lessons that will have a lifelong impression.  Volunteering gives you a sense of self pride, and is a way to help create and strengthen connections with others within the community.

If coaching isn’t your forte, we have plenty of opportunities for administrative positions, many that can be done from home in your spare time.  Whether your superpower is motivating youth, or writing grant letters, assisting your child’s coach with administrative functions we have a need for all gifts.

The board has many goals we would like to achieve to grow and expand, but we need help.  Here are a few of the volunteer positions we are always welcoming.  If you are interested in volunteering for our club, e-mail info@leavenworthsoccer.org or fill out our Volunteer Application choosing from one of the available positions below. We will be able to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

  • Team Managers
  • Registrar
  • Board Members
  • Committee Members
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Event Coordinators

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Mr. Breeze

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Cartwright Home Renovations, LLC

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