Referee Program for Recreational Games


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Our referee program officiates outdoor spring and fall games for recreational soccer.

Welcome to LSA Referee Program

Referee Program

Our referee program is the perfect place for new referees to get their start.  Refs have the chance to run games in Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth, and Lansing. We have certified referee coaches to evaluate and mentor recreational games.  Their feedback helps novice refs gather knowledge and confidence.  We welcome new and returning refs each season.

At the beginning of each season our referee assignor will request your availability to assist in assigning games.  All assignments will be for Saturdays, and will be posted a minimum of one week prior to the game. Referees are required to confirm games and show up for the games they take.

To become a certified referee, visit  Once you are certified, contact our Referee Assignor for information on how to join our crew.

Pay Scale

All referees are engaged as independent contractors.  Rates are per game are current as of fall 2021. There are two pay periods per season.  Checks can be picked up at the concessions stand.

Game Level




Center Ref




Asst. Ref












Pay scale last updated: 7/23/23

Referee Coaches and Assignors

Our referee coaches evaluate each game and give constructive feedback to all referees.  The assignors do their best to work around the schedules and split games appropriately.  For questions, contact:

Referee Head Coach, Brad Alexander

Referee Assignor, Tracy Lawler-White

Contact Info

3300 S. 14th Street 
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048

913-651-3800 mainline

913-347-0993 rainout line (opt. 1 - game fields, opt. 2 - practice fields)