LSA is currently looking for someone with great communication skills to join our board.  No soccer knowledge needed. Basic understanding of G-Mail and Google suite helpful. We are a working board, and occasional ask for help with events.

Secretary (2 year)

Secretarial duties include:

  • Keep a record of all the proceedings of LSA
  • Keep and maintain minutes of each meeting held by the Board of Directors
  • Keep and maintain a calendar of events, meeting, soccer related business (online or hardcopy)
  • Maintain records of proceedings and bylaws, rules, and regulations for LSA
  • Submit business filing report to Kansas Secretary of State of the new Board Members.
  • Co-signs on all contracts and documents with the President and Treasurer of LSA
  • Perform duties as the Board of Directors may from time to time direct

For more information, contact:

President, Tracy Lawler-White


c: 816-506-7224

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